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FiiO X5 III (1 of 1)-4

Newest X5 III – the best FiiO?

Just look at how much portable DAPs evolved lately. One year ago I tested for the first time something truly revolutionary, a true portable audiophile hub called FiiO X7 that impressed me immensely. The announcement of newest X5 III about two months ago was a bigger shocker for me. At first because almost all features … Continue Reading

FiiO X5 III (1 of 1)-4

Noul X5 III – cel mai bun FiiO?

Noul X5 III – cel mai bun FiiO? Cat de mult au evoluat playerele portabile ultima vreme. Acum un an in urma am testat pentru prima data ceva cu adevarat revolutionar, un adevar hub portabil audiofil si anume FiiO X7 care m-a impresionat nespus. Anuntarea noului player X5 III acum doua luni m-a bucurat poate … Continue Reading

WA8 Eclipse-1-9

Woo Audio WA8 Eclipse – E magic!

Intro: Din primul moment in care am deschis cutia lui WA8 Eclipse (9600 Lei) am simtit ca este un produs cu totul special. Ei bine, am gresit, nu este special, este magic!  Evident, fapt valabil la orice lucru magic, achizitionarea lui nu are o justificare rationala, in schimb va garantez ca va va ramane intiparita … Continue Reading


FiiO X1 II review – the small giant

Intro: Dear audioholics, audio gear collectors and music lovers, I know I missed for quite some time now, major changes happened in my life, I didn’t listen to music for more than half a year now, my skills diminished, my pens dried out, but I promise than that more reviews will be posted from now … Continue Reading


FiiO X1 II – noul mic si voinic


Intro: Dragi audioholici, colectionari de echipamente audio si iubitori de muzica, stiu ca am lipsit o perioada lunga de timp, au aparut schimbari majore (nu mai beau! – in vise poate) in viata, nu am ascultat muzica mai mult de jumatate de an si skill-urile s-au mai diminuat, penita s-a mai uscat, dar promit ca … Continue Reading

Ifi iPurifier (1 of 1)-9

iFi Audio iUSB3.0 si iPurifier 2 – Comparative Test


This is a follow up for the iDAC2 review in which besides stock configuration I added an iUSB3.0 and a iPurifier2. What exactly does iUSB3.0? iUSB3.0 is an All-in-One solution that takes care of all problems regarding USB port or signal. More exactly it does the following things: – Corrects signal balance – Suppresses frame … Continue Reading

iDac2 (1 of 1)-5

iFi Audio iDAC2 review


You have probably heard by now about iFi Audio. They are quite new to the audiophiles but that was enough to take by storm the affordable audio equipment market. However iFi are not beginners, they are a division of Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) who already have the expertise and know-how needed to create innovative and … Continue Reading

Ifi iPurifier (1 of 1)-9

iFi Audio iUSB3.0 si iPurifier 2 – Test comparativ


Revin cu o continuare a recenziei DAC-ului iDAC2 la care pe langa sistemul stoc am mai adaugat si un iUSB3 si mai tarziu un iPurifier2. Ce este acest iUSB3.0? iUSB3.0 este o solutie All-in-One care se ocupa de toate problemele portului/semnalulio USB si pe care le rezolva in totalitate. Mai exact face urmatoarele lucruri: Reface … Continue Reading

Fiio m3 (1 of 1)-6

FiiO M3 – Un player foarte accesibil


Dupa cum spuneam cu ceva vreme in urma in articolul X1, nu mai folosesc telefoane mobile pentru a asculta muzica si am motive intemeiate. Pe piata sunt deja zeci de dispozitive portabile care redau muzica mult mai bine decat telefoanele ordinare. Cel mai accesibil player FiiO de pana acum a fost X1, destinat tinerilor audiofili … Continue Reading

iDac2 (1 of 1)-5

iFi Audio iDAC 2 – Mic dar voinic


Probabil ca deja ati auzit de iFi Audio. Sunt destul de noi pe piata audiofila insa au luat deja cu asalt piata echipamentelor audio accesibile. Totusi iFi nu sunt niste incepatori, sunt o divizie a celor de la Abbingdon Music Research (AMR) care au deja expertiza si know-how-ul necesar pentru a crea produse inovatoare si … Continue Reading



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