Year 2004 Logitech launched what was to become arguably the most successful 5.1 computer/home theater audio-system. At that time, Z-5500 was product ahead of its competition offering good sound quality, a slick design, plenty of power as well as versatility, crushing virtually all competitors on the PC consumer market. The system was, naturally, not flawless, weak spots existed, but the target customers received it with great appreciation, this being the reason for its huge commercial success. After seven years, during which it didn’t receive any major overhauls, Logitech announced a successor for Z-5500, namely Z906. In this article we tried to achieve a direct comparison between the two aforementioned products, we analyzed the pros and cons of the new model, and last but not least we tested its audio performance.

The first thing to meet the eye the moment we opened the box was the subwoofer. It was significantly smaller than that of the previous model, being lighter as well. After opening up both packages we started a direct evaluation of the two models:
a. Satellites
Constructively, both model’s satellites are similar, both having used same 3’’ loudspeakers belonging to the “Full Range Paper Cone” series manufactured by Tangband. The speaker membrane is made of cellulose, the suspension of rubber, whereas the shape and volume of the housing is similar.

The audio output dissimilarities arise from the fact that Z906’s satellites are of the sealed type, whereas the ones from Z5500 are bass-reflex. The satellites have no tweeters, thus their only speaker unit must cover the whole frequency spectrum. We could not understand why such a solution was preferred, as it is clearly inferior to a classical, two-way solution with regard to the accuracy of the frequency response. Exterior-wise they they look different to a somewhat larger extent: the Z906 satellites lack the outer detachable mesh in favor of a fixed metallic one. They are also fitted with silicone rubber bumper feet instead of the rotating stand we have gotten used to in the previous model. The color of the plastic case is dark gray, which is more discreet than the shiny silvery tint used on the previous model. Both models have similar aesthetics as far as we are concerned, both plastic having a satisfying build quality. Z906’s satellites have a wall hanging system in case this is required; the cable-clutching system is firm. While we are not fond of this particular solution, we believe that it is acceptable for the system form factor.

b. Subwoofer
The differences between the two subwoofers are important, both construction- as well as functionality-wise. Both encasings contain the subwoofer own amplifier unit as well as the satellites’. In the case of Z906, however, inside the subwoofer casing lies the digital decoding module, unlike the Z-5500 model, where the DAC unit lied inside the exterior console. One other easy to notice aspect is the “evaporation” of the huge metallic heatsink that stood on the back cover. It is the aluminum-made back cover that overtook the heat dissipation task; we’ve tested the system up to high volumes and it never heated up to worrisome temperatures. On the back-cover of the subwoofer lie the system analog and digital connectors. Z906 features a generous amount of connectors, i.e. multichannel analogic input, stereo analogic input and three digital inputs(two tosslinks and a coaxial input).

We’ve opened up both subwoofers in order to study their design and components thoroughly. As one can notice from the pictures, the Z906 drags its juice from a SMPS (Switch-mode power supply) while the filtering capacitors are being rather small for the declared power output. We also believe that the finals (class D) on the integrated circuits are not the most fortunate solution. The Z5500, on the other hand, has a more solid amplification unit, with a larger toroidal transformer which is seated in the opposite corner with regard to the electrical parts, the filtration is more to our liking (2 pc. 10,000uF), the finals are of better quality and the massive heatsink insures an effective cooling.

The Z5500 subwoofer loudspeaker measures 10’’ diameter and is manufactured by Tangband, the model being WT644F. The Z906 subwoofer diameter is 8’’, significantly smaller than the previous model. Unfortunately, we could not identify its manufacturer and model, but it is likely to be aTangband W8-670Q. We apologize if we are wrong; the loudspeaker has no specifications printed on, being completely rebranded by Logitech, while the producer offers no official data regarding their product’s components origin.

c. Central console, remote control, accessories
The Z906 central console has been simplified. On it, we could find the general volume knob, the individual satellites and subwoofer volume knobs, as well as the system configuration control (2.1, 4.1, 5.1, etc.). There is no longer an LCD, but only orange LEDs which indicate the status of the device, a much less elegant solution in our opinion. The horizontal layout of the console, the dark gray color of the system as well as the subwoofer’s smaller form-factor, all make this system easier to fit in a living-room, a feat we most definitely like. The remote control is simple yet very effective. The small dimensions and the ease of use make it pleasant and friendly to use. In this regard, we have only praise words: we could not understand why high-end receiver manufacturers do not include an EZmode remote control for basic menu access. We are increasingly being numbed by the lush and complicated high end remote controls, inappropriate for daily use.
The package also contains cables for the five satellites which are of questionable quality, being both thin and fragile. However we are glad to see that the user can change and thus choose cables according to his liking regarding quality, size and color, a feat we considered a strong point of the previous model that stills lies with the new one.

d. Digital to Analog conversion
The Digital to Analog conversion unit is completely overhauled. While Z5500 is equipped with Cirrus Logic (CS42526-CQZ DAC) chips, Z906 has AKM and D2Audio counterparts (AKM5386vt and D2-71583-L3). The aforementioned manufacturers are well-established, both AKM and Cirrus Logic being a good choice for quality.

We tested Z906 in parallel with Z5500, using both the analogic inputs as well as the digital ones. For the analogic input we used an ASUS Xonar D2 soundcard. As for the digital input we used the digital-coaxial output found on Xonar D2and the AD LABS MARS USB-to-coaxial interface.
Movies we watched:
• Burlesque (.mkv)
• Despicable Me (.mkv)
• Inception (.mkv)
Music we have listened to:
• Pink Martini – Sympathique (1999)
• CesariaEvora– Miss Perfumado [1992]
• Rihanna-Music.Of.The.Sun.2005
• Celine Dion-Best Ballads
• Francis Goya – Greatest Hits 2CD – 2009
• Dire Straits 1985-Brothers in Arms
• Chesky Records-Ultimate Demonstration Disc
For gaming we used the exceptional Starcraft 2 as well as Crysis
At the end of the testing we performed a novel experiment. We linked together both system satellites to the Onkyo 807 “beast” in order to evaluate if and to what extent the audio-experience gets any better.

The Z5500 massive subwoofer shoots an impressive bass for a system of its price-tag. The solid amplification offers enough juice to the 10’’ speaker for the rendering of low frequencies. The bass we witnessed was ample and deep, lacking either outstanding precision or refinement, but being more than satisfying considering the target segment.
The middle frequencies sound cold, a feeling we’ve encountered the moment we listened to a few female voices. This downside penalizes the “live” sensation. The emotion an artist wishes to express is being lost.
The high frequencies are one of the system’s weak points. The lack of tweeters cannot be compensated by the full-range speakers, regardless of their build quality. The lack of resolution and details along the high-frequency spectrum is annoying and the listener misses important audio information.
When listening to music we could not achieve a satisfying tonal equilibrium. The bass covers the rest of the frequencies and dominates the scenery; we tried to reduce its volume selectively but we could only wind up with an absent, flat sound. There is a lack of coherence in the middle-low ranges, where there is a hiatus between the inferior middle spectrum and the bass.
As for watching movies and gaming we believed the system performed well, offering an enjoyable experience. The system possesses sufficient power and dynamicity to render a pleasant atmosphere, the spatiality sensation is vivid while the subwoofer raw strength brings in a specifically charming sensation, regardless if we consider a Playstation/PC game or an HD movies.
The use of the ASUS Xonar D2 coupled analogically brings no significant benefits with regard to sound quality, certain details became more present, but to an insufficient extent so as to justify the investment if you own this system.

Z906 has an aggressive bass which is lacking precision and depth. There were moments when it sounded uncontrolled, having a tendency towards humming and booming. While watching movies or gaming its swiftness confers a plus to the atmosphere while offering the necessary impact in order to make the listener shudder. Compared to Z5500, the Z906 bass cannot explore the very low frequencies, lacks depth, while being superior both in speed and aggressiveness. For movies and games we preferred a fast bass while for music we considered Z5500s bass to be superior. Similar to Z5500, the subwoofer output has a tendency to cover the rest of the frequencies. However, in order to obtain a correct sound, we could manage a satisfying tonal equilibrium by playing with the system settings (which we could not obtain in Z5500).
The middle-range frequencies are very much similar to the Z5550, present but cold, synthetic, soulless. The only difference we could find between the two systems was a “thicker” sound envelope in Z5500, owed, most likely, to the bass-reflex encasing design.

The absence of dedicated tweeters is the great minus of this system. Despite numerous critiques received along the seven years of existence, Logitech decided to use the same technical solution of a full-range loudspeaker covering middle and high frequencies. We must admit the result is not overly disappointing (as one might expect at first glance), as the sound climbs up quite well in frequency. However we should reformulate two easy to spot problems: the system has an evident absence of details, which if manage to be squeezed out are being constantly covered by bass and middle-range frequencies.
The soundstage is mediocre for both models, a normal thing, considering that none of the two systems was designed for an audiophile stereo performance. As far as grinding is concerned, we have taken the Z906 out of the box and grinded it for 48 hours while the Z5500 had already been grinded for at least one year. We noticed no significant variation after the grinding period, as we listened to the system right after we’ve taken it out of the box for two days without long intermissions.
As with the Z5500, using the analog output of ASUS Xonar D2 brings no major improvement of the sound, so we once again do not recommend purchasing a superior sound source for this system.

We have also performed a novel experiment, coupling both system’s satellites to the massive Onkyo 807 receiver, being curious as to what extent are the satellites limited by the integrated amplifying module. We can sat it came as a surprise to hear the sound getting significantly better even for the untrained ear. The experience was indeed far from what we could easily achieve with our multichannel system based on Warfedale Diamond loundspeakers (which we own), but we could notice a clear quality increase at the level of details and dynamics, so we could conclude that the integrated amplifiers of these systems does not squeeze everything out of their speakers.

If one year ago someone would have asked us what we would expect from Z5500’s successor we would have answered “dedicated tweeters, HDMI inputs, and decoders for the new hi-res (DTS-HD and DolbyTrueHD) formats”. Unfortunately Z906 brings NONE of the above mentioned feats, therefore we believe that Logitech missed an important moment, the moment it could have made Z5500’s successor a shining star of the PC/HT dedicated audio systems. On the other hand we suspect that the “lighter” amplifying unit design is meant to make the system more durable than the previous one and thus more appealing. It is thus a more stable, friendlier version of the Z5500 rather than a true upgrade.
– Good performance in movies and games
– Good connectivity and versatility
– Slick design
– Competitive price
– Ease of usage
– The sound lacks any sort of refinement
– Lack of dedicated tweeters
– Lack of high definition decoders
– Severe lack of improvements compared to its predecessor Logitech Z5500
– Mediocre integrated amplification (bottle-necking the loudspeakers)
– Questionable quality cables (can be fixed)


  1. Nice review x 2

    Just wondering, would it be possible to screw the speakers on speaker stands somehow using screws?

    So you would say the sound is similar to the Z5500’s, however its more tighter, and less boomy ?

    As in Australia, the z5500’s are about half the price of the new Z906..

    It wouldn’t make sense to get the Z906’s would it?
    The z906 are 600.00
    while the z5500 are 290.00

    I already have the Z5500’s but the bass is sounding watery, as I’ve had the system for over 3 years.. playing music is awesome, but with movies, I think the sound was not as good as first day

  2. so… what would you recommend that would have at least the same entries and would have better or the same quality that u could advise us to buy?? with almost the same money??


  3. […] Logitech Z906 review – english version – Sound News However we are glad to see that the user can change and thus choose cables according to his liking regarding quality, size and color, a feat we considered a strong point of the previous model that stills lies with the new one. …. We have also performed a novel experiment, coupling both system's satellites to the massive Onkyo 807 receiver, being curious as to what extent are the satellites limited by the integrated amplifying module. … […]

  4. Thanks for the thorough review. Now I’m weighing up getting a discounted htpc speaker system with a cheap amplifier. For about the same money I suspected I should get significantly better sound.

  5. This is a true awesome review.

    unfortunately logitech launched an inferior model.
    I expected something much more than the z 5500 and i eventually got less. it is a degrade.

  6. Damn good review!!

    I bought these speakers and I just got what I expected.

    I’m a music lover, and they play music with more detail than anything I had had before. It was a good deal 🙂

  7. Wow great review.
    Its seems if you allready own the older Z-5500’s that these Z906’s would’nt really be worth the upgrade.

    I currently have the X-540’s for use with my PS3 and only getting Enhanced Stereo sound that these Z90’s would be a great upgrade as they have Optical connections which means i will finally be able to play my Ps3 games in 5.1 Surround Sound.

    And currently in Australia these Z906’s are priced at $325 deliverd 🙂

  8. Salut Seby. Doar setelitii au fost conectati. Ca subwoofer am folosit un Wharfedale SW. Teoretic se poate folosit si sub-ul de la Logitech, practic implica o gramada de modificari destul de complicate.

  9. im getting these today as stupid amazon would not give me my Z-5500 after 4 weeks of compaining so they gave me the z906 for the same price being 110£ different they paid for it…..i miss my z-5500 even :/

  10. Thank you for the review. So the replacement is barely any different…
    I went another route and bought two speakers from M-Audio, I think the cost was around EUR 140. Delighted by the sound, and no endless fooling around with the 5-speaker settings which always seem to get screwed up.
    Thx again;-)

  11. Excelent review, felicitari! Te rog sa-mi recomanzi un sistem 5.1 mai bun ca Logitech-ul, cu o calitate buna si in muzica, si neaparat sa aiba intrare optica. Preferabil sa fie vandut la noi in tara sau in UE. Nu conteaza pretul … mersi!

  12. I guess Edifier, Microlab and Swan currently make far more musical sounding boxed speakers than Logitech and i was expecting something out from Logitech that would spank the Z-5500 so kindda depressing 🙁

  13. Good review. This was a very interesting read. I still have the first iteration of these speakers… the Z680’s. I find that with a good $200 soundcard (I have Asus Xonar and have used Creative X-Fi) and using all the EQ software adjustments available, while not comparable to audiophile equipment, the sound for music at the PC is more than adequate. I swapped the front sats for a pair of Jamo bookshelfs I had laying around (which are two-way) and there is barely discernable improvement in sound from the sats with their phase plugs. I think both the Z680s and 5500s were very good value, but I’m not sure about what appears to be reduced build quality for the 906s. Not to mention the lack of any real upgrade as your review points out.

  14. The reason why there is no quick or extensive response is because this is a negative subject about a problem with no solution. What’s the whole idea behind this review? To bitch and complain to the Logitech executives so that they KNOW that a discontinued product has been replaced by an inferior one.

    Your review is thorough, consice and objective (in the details but transparent in the big-picture). This is simply honest feedback from one reader – an opinion that is as articulate and refined as is your analysis of old vs. new – for whatever it’s worth.

    You are more like a defense attorney in this product review than you are a techie and that is the big problem. Your review has an obvious, clear objective or motive as opposed to simply being a curious, objective look into a couple of products for the purpose of sharing and revealing factual, USABLE information.

    Your info is factual, revealing and even interesting. But usable? Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    Logitech has replaced an important, superior product with what is clearly an inferior one. Do you HONESTLY think that they are not aware of their business strategies and choices? Do you HONESTLY think that they tried to „con” people into believing that this new product is superior to its predicessor? OF COURSE NOT!!! THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING FAR MORE THAN YOU OR I OR ANY OTHER CONSUMER KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

    Your gripe….your argument….your „campaign” fails to consider some very key, important elements: THIS IS A RECESSION!!! A BAD ONE!!! WE HAVE SEEN MORE COMPANIES GO BUST IN LAST 18 MONTHS THAN DURING THE GREAT DEPRESSION!!!

    Logitech has far more considerations and decision criteria than you realize!! FOR EXAMPLE: COST OF PRODUCTION!!! There isn’t much logic (no pun intended) to continuing a product that negatively affects the bottom line is there?

    Would the Z5500 have caused a negative profit margin for Logitech? We can never truly know. That is called „INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY” or highly sensitive, confidential information that high-level executives discuss in hardwood-furnished conference rooms and behind heavy, locked doors!!

    We can, HOWEVER, speculate. We can apply the same scientific principles and approach with which you have critiqued the new product. WHY WOULD A COMPANY LIKE LOGITECH DISCONTINUE A BELOVED, SOUGHT-AFTER PRODUCT LIKE THE Z-5500 IF IT IS ACTUALLY CAUSING NEGATIVE REACTION FROM EVEN A NARROW, SELECTIVE SEGMENT OF IT’S TARGET MARKET??

    The ansewr is simple!! It’s CLEARLY the lesser of two evils – it has to be!! I would bet the farm that Logitech – like 98% of every other US Corporation – is suffering from losses and reductions in production, sales, stock value, etc. And like every other organization that hopes to survive the EXTREME BEAR MARKETS OF CURRENT…they have to make hard decisions and implement strategies in order to make best of the bad times.

    Sometimes that means pissing off a substantially smaller market segment in favor of pleasing the majority. It’s called SURVIVAL and clearly Logitech had to cease production of an extraordinary product for the sake of achieving and maintaining far more fundamental organizational objectives like survival, like keeping shareholders satisfied. That is called self preservation and there is nothing without it.

    We can only speculate and can never say for certain….but it just may be that Logitech made these choices and did this for self preservation reasons that none of us can see or understand from the surface looking in.

    Food for thought.

    Other consumers will not respond to your article despite being concise, articulate and comprehensive because it suggests a problem with no solution. It’s interesting but the average Joe doesn’t like it. Nobody wants to keep hearing about a great system that used to exist and that they cannot get anymore. It creates only feelings of remorse.

    Put an addendum on this and start a petition to Logitech to appease the extreme segment of its market with a release that is double the power and WOW-FACTOR of the Z5500. Petition Logitech for the Z10000.

    Even if it is a break-even or slightly negative product release, they can still find big value in it as what is called a „LOSS LEADER” that creates contagious loyalty and satisfies the extreme market segment. Don’t think that they can’t EASILY do so much more than ANYONE has ever seen – they can.

  15. Interesting and long comment above. I would even tend to agree to most of what it says. Unless the very core is wrong:

    Of course Logitech employees know that this is an inferior product. They are making it. But this is obviously not a review for THEM. It is beyond being pathethic to try to explain why.
    I as well as the author and the ones reading the article have no clue and ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST about why the product turned out the way it did. We can speculate on this but it really is IRRELEVANT. If you ask my personal oppinion though, it’s no way way as you said. But I dont have the intention of going into a feud about something that unimportant.
    The users interested in this product (to whom a such review is addressed to – and pay attention to that) HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING whether this product is better or even worse than it’s predecessor. After 8-9 years of production, recession or not, one would not expect it to be a significantly worse product. Not many companies, because of recession, have replaced their popular products with worse ones. Moreover, Logitech is not known for having such habits. For me, and I believe the comments above clearly show that I am far from a singular case, this is really a SURPRISE.
    This is a thing that an average user/reader CANNOT know only by looking at the product’s page how the product will behave. This is especially true for speakers. It is only natural to compare this product to the previous one. It sounds the most logical. This is the way reviews are done.

    I think you should reread the article in light of a user that will buy a new system but has no idea whatsoever of how it sounds. Then you would understand.

  16. I dont think this is an Inferior product , because in a way it is on par. You get more input connections than the Z5500 which is why I bought the Z906 over the Z5500. If the Z5500 had the same inputs as the Z906 I would have bought it instead , but I need the two Optical connections that the Z906 has and I really dont care about the minimal sound differences that you guys are crying abouu. Yes I bet the sound differences is barely noticable and you are complaining because you prefer your Z5500 over its replacement. The z906 is definately a whole world better than the Logitech X540’s its replaced so I dont really care about the little war you guys have going on here.

  17. Yo tengo los dos sistemas, honestamente es poca la diferencia de audio que hay entre una y otra, la gran ventaja del nuevo modelo (Z906) es la conectividad, ya que me permite tener conectado dos equipos por fibra óptica, los adaptadores y switch de fibra óptica son caros.
    En ningun momento me gustaría decir que un equipo es mejor que otro, ya que se van de la mano, los dos son buenos, cubren las necesidades y hasta me salieron más baratas las Z906 que las Z5500. Un sistema Onkyo es bueno; sin embargo, es más caro.

  18. julienrich, Your review of the review may have been longer than the review, and is a mostly useless philosophical rant. We just want to know what sounds better, and what is built better which this review does perfectly.

    This is an excellent review, complete with pictures of the inside of them and comparisons. The best I have seen on the net.

    I am a sound engineer by trade, and the analasys of the amplifiers is very correct, allthough I think needlessly biased towards the older conventional design. We haven’t run a conventional Class B or AB amplifier in our systems in about 15 years since QSC came out with their powerlight amplifiers. I might also add that the lighter weight and huge increase in electrical effeciency

  19. Excellent review, one of the best, thanks!

    I replaced my Z5500 tweeters with sony 2 way bookshelf speakers, and what a difference!

    Also, connecting it analogous in stead of optical, gives the subwoofer more clarity and less „booming”.

    I would recommend these things to everybody with a Z5500 (or Z906).

  20. Bottom line is ive owned all the logitech models and as my last set was the 5500 i expected the new one to be better. As soon as i opened the box i felt gutted the sub was tiny!!! Minimal tech specs online i feel are a con by logitech

    Simple > if u had the 5500 previously then keep it as its better but if you are new to logitech then u will be happy with the 906 not knowing how good the previous model (5500) actually was.

    Alternativlry i you can find the 5500! Get it!!!! No other system
    Will Vibrate the mugs of tea off your desk like the 5500

  21. A much required superb technical review.
    I’m still going to buy this to connect directly to my DVD player via optical, TV via RC and PC via Stereo cable.
    Thanks for the great hard work done.

  22. I am owning Logitech x530 (70.1 watts), sub replaced by Sony sub (120 watts sub) so I think Logitech z906 (500 watts) will be the best for me :-). I will replace its sub with a 200 watts Sony sub. I’m going for them…It was going to be 100% better if Logitech combined Z5500 sub and z906 satellites.

  23. Hi, I wonder if you can get cards and power supply amplification of the Logitech Z906? My system Z906 suffered a lower retention of light

  24. I have also done direct comparisons of the two models, and while the Z5500 was a solidly built and aesthetically pleasing design, with decent cooling, a nice looking and functional control unti (albeit notoriuosly unreliable) its successor, frankly, is a pile of nast cheap plastic.

    Logitec, you lost it. We were expecting something better, not something from the 60’s.

  25. V V V Very Good Review.
    5500 – costs around 650 US$
    Z906 – costs around 300 US$

    We can not consider Z-906 is successor of Z-5500, may be something like Z-5600 in the pipeline.

    Your review is fantastic and best in the net.
    Thanks a lot.

    I buying this, I do not have any other option at price of Rs. 14,000 (275 US$) for Z-906 in India, all other brand so called best home theater speaker system cost heaven here in India. For example Rs. 18000/- in US and the same thing cost Rs. 58000/- in India (3 times more) – for Onkyo S5400. And it weighs 75 pounds! None of my friends ready bring it for me! (off course!)

  26. I wonder if someone know about the satellite-speakers sensitivity or dB/W/m or what it’s calling? (on the z906)

    I also wonder over specification of 5x67W, but on one picture on a speaker is marked 10W/5ohm. I know there are a lot of way to measure Power (W), but I want, when my wallet allow, buy at least a center and 2 matching fronts. I thinking maybee the amplifier work better if I have some more easy driven speakers?

    By the way, I have Logitech X-530 to my PC with a speaker distance approx a meter and i like the sound if I set the sub-volume to low, little slippery bass, I think.

  27. I was attracted to the bass of the z906 earlier on in the shop and i went and take a look of the system… The bass was deep, soft and powerful enough to my liking… but what puts me down was the lack of tweeters in the satellite speakers… Which kinda turned me away after that… 🙁

  28. I would like to add that the design of Z-5500 has one major flaw from servicing point of view as well as from ability to place it. Since the actual decoder and all the inputs are located on the control pod, the cable that goes to the subwoofer, where the amplifier is built in, is only approx 1m long. That forces the pod (with its IR receiver) to be physically located within 1m from the subwoofer. Considering the woofer is rather big and heavy it might happen (and it happened to me in two homes I lived in) to be a problem where the IR can be obstructed or the volume knob might be too far from the desk where you sit. Also there’s a durability problem with the electronics in the pod that makes the servicing rather expensive. First of all the pods of pre and after a certain revision wont work with subs from the other revision, then the length of the cable is apparently „matched” with each pod individually and therefore extending the cable is highly not recommended by Logitech. Then the warranty is not transferrable and there is a known problem where you get glitches and hisses coming from the speakers as if there were constant electricity surges in the power line. Bottom line – yes great speakers for NOT audiophile and generic use, but once you buy them you’re stuck with them as the pod which controls everything is extremely difficult to be serviced. Also, built in amplifier without the external inputs on the woofer itself means that you cannot re-use the speakers with any other equipment – which would be great if you wanted to hook them up to another audio source. But since all the electronics are in the pod – you’re out of luck here… Just my 2 cents for those thinking of buying 7 years old Z5500s

  29. Hey there, this is a very good review.

    I compare the actual watts between the 2 system, and z5500 is still better than the new „successor”.

    but z5500 has a big main problem, this is actually what i face now. The control pod had die. It has no power.
    I checked the fuse behind the subwoofer and it works perfectly fine.

    The electricity is flowing through the subwoofer,
    so the problem is with the control pod..
    now it even has no standby light(red) when i connected to elecricity…

    damxn it, furthermore, my warranty has passed ( as this z5500 had follow me for about 6 yrs)

    logitech doesnt sell z5500 spareparts at all too..

    Really hope the sudden breakdown of the control pod can be fixed by logitech by i dont think so..

    who face the same problem with me? z5500 control pod have no standby light , it is die( even connectted to electricity)

  30. Great review, really good! Would you mind to answer my silly question?: Is there any possibility to also connect the z906 subwoofer to the receiver? Thanks in advance!

  31. Z906 has two TAS5162 class-D chips that drive sub in BTL mode and satelite speakers in single end mode.

    Z-5500 has 7 (seven) TDA7294 chips that drive sub in bridged mode (2×7294) and 5 (five) other chips power satellite speakers.

    Ask your self which one has more power, quality and durability.


    I have 5 of Z906 in my basement. They all have burned or shorted TAS chips.

    P.S. 2

    Here you can find hi-res pics of all sets. Pics are made by me.

  32. What is the name of transformer on z906 i think is broke because today I turn on the speakers and after some loud music the transformer starts to smell like a burned circuit and sparks flame out but after 5 minutes turned on and worked perfect but after about 6 hours i heard a boom inside the sub and also burn smell.
    I see some numbers and letters on the transformer but i can’t find nothing
    Please help !!!! Thanks

  33. Paul I feel for you!
    What did u take a thunder lightning to reduce it like that??

    I got my Z5500 for just over 4 years and running still good with my main TV set for movies mostly. I always make sure that I connect it to the power point only when I need it and always to a power surge protector. The rest of the time it’s disconnected for the power supply. I am about to purchase a second one for my studio as I got my PC there and would like to play games in 5.1. I think the Z5500 is still the one to go for if u are lucky to find one new in the market for a reasonable price (about 400-500 USD). In amazon at the moment it’s selling for over 800!! Crazy shit!! As all the electronics you need to look after it and if u do it will last way over the warranty period. The only think I have to complain about is the fuse always blows just sitting unused and disconnected from power supply (after returning from holiday). I used aluminum foil and solved the issue but make sure u have the best power surge and short circuit protector if u want to do the same.

    Z5500 may not be the best as most 2000 dollars speakers but God it does the job really well at one quarter of the price!!!

    Go and buy one and leave the Z906 for the crappy new logitech engineers that designed it.

  34. I have the Z906 in my bedroom, using it with a pc,and a sat-tv.
    I am pleased with the performance of the Z906, considering i payed 340usdollar, or 2000norwegiankroner for it.
    I can not find a 5.1 speaker and amp, that sound better for that kind of price.
    The Z906 have shortcommings next to my livingroom sound set. Onkyo 875,Kef Q series,Cambridge Audio blueray.
    but in my bedroom it sounds OK on musik, and good on film-tv. I like the performance of the sub,it plays nice.
    Strong and deep litle 8inch. Trying other satelites with the sub, is a upgrade worth trying.

  35. This is one of the best comparisons of the two sets. My z5500 recently broke. They broke by a cousin breaking the d sub pins off. I had the z5500 since feb 2009 and had no problems with it. Was considering the z906 but I think ill wait for the next version.

  36. Excellent, the most thorough and informative review on the Z-906’s I’ve seen yet. I own the Z-680s and it seems Logitech really missed an opportunity here to create a system worth upgrading to.

    Someone should send Logitech this review.

  37. PS – to that guy ranting about how Logitech has to sell a lower quality product for the same premium price as the Z-5500s because of the recession, get real.

    If the recession is such a problem, why did they have no problem keeping the price the same but selling a lesser quality product?

  38. I think its a problem when logitech is making the subwoofers smaller with the same power-output, because the smaller subwoofer need to do more excursion to sound likely to the bigger ones. The problem with more excursion is the bass will be more „boomy” because the bass is moving too much. And then more air have to come out from the bassport, and because of this, the bass will be more bommy. The best subs is the ones that do more sound for less excursion, then the bass will be better and more neutral. That is what logitech dont understand. They should not make the subs smaller. The z623 is much more boomy than the z-2300,

  39. I cant believe some ppl are complaining. The Z906 is currently around £220 in the U.K! Ive owned the Z5500 for a few years and recently bought the Z906 for myself and gave the 5500’s to my GF. Its still excellent value for a fantastic sounding Home Theater or PC/Console gaming rig, which is exactly why I bought it, and exactly **what its aimed at**. Remember that when you start unfairly comparing it to audiophile grade equipment.

  40. Why not test bookshelfs also higher in clusters, have bookshelfs Hi-End on my Logitech Z5500, not change it for any modern amplifier 500w what’s out there. Exepcional sound.

  41. A very good review, I have been looking for a more serious review and now I have found it and im glad that you did a comparison between the Z5500 and the Z906 because thats what I have been looking for. I have the Z5500 system and was pretty happy about the system, but I always felt that there was something missing. Im gona try out the Z906 speaker system.

  42. did you guys forget the capacitor mods for the z5500? did this to the control pod and sub. as well as changed the opamps. and ooooooo so amazing. audiophile material . i will be doing this to the Z906 as well

  43. tenho um aparelho logitech mas queimou com curto com raio eu acho na amplificação e no Brasil não tem assistência ja tentei de tudo como que podia fazer.

  44. Hi
    First tnx for professional review, I had read it befor buying z906, about 2 years ago.
    To be short, most of what that have been said is true,but the problem is that the writer had the experience of audiophill systems thet caust 2 or 3 time more than 906.
    For this system I can say it really works great in movie and game(like what the original poster said) , and is not that bad in music. Just switch it in 3d mod and lower the sub volume to half, and lower the back sourrond sats volume to two lights of the volume nob are off. Then you can find its sounding better. Its the setting for my environment and may be different for yours.
    And last thing the sub have more punch than 5500 that I think is more nessesary than lower frequency for enjoying from music.
    I just really like the creation of logitech engeeners and the profesional review together so I couldnt replay this post over this long time.
    Hope to be usefull for someone

  45. hi…. just read ur review and i can say for sure that its one of the best review on this product,,,,,detailed, un biased and professional

    Keep up the good work and thx

  46. Cool…

    I have 3 Brand new sets of the Logitech Z5500’s, 2 of the sets still packed in their boxes. The 3rd set has maybe 5 or 6 hours use. Now that I am retired, I will spend a lot more time playing.
    The other 2 sets I just bought cause they were on sale for 300 bucks. I feel lucky…

  47. Best comparison of the two systems, even in 2017, that is as relevant six years later. Thanks for helping me avoid the huge mistake that I was going to make. A used 5500 is better than a new 906. Wow!

  48. I ve got both system and that z5500 its more powerful but the z906 sounds better (deeper bass probably 40 hz or lower -z5500 50 hz ,better bass response ,the z5500 its just boomy ) so if you want me to choose between z5500 and z906 i will choose z906 has more sound quality (Y) i will try to modify z5500 amp board hoping to get same bass response as z906 😀

  49. i have both versions, i dont think so
    for PC Z5500 -> i think the sound is very good compared in this price range with this features.but the look is awfull
    for TV z906 -> it looks more modern and I like the look of it better, better for a living room, sound is not so good compared to z5500, but it is very cheap (you can get it for 150€ new)


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