Conform comunicatului de presa din aceasta dimineata, Naim si Focal se unesc, pentru a crea un concern hi-fi cu o cifra de afaceri in domeniu de peste 55 de milioane de Euro.
Noua companie Focal&Co va manageria Focal si Naim ca branduri independente, fiecare dintre acesta urmand sa-si pastreze caracteristicile si liniile de produse, colaborarea urmand a avea loc in domeniul cercetarii si dezvoltarii. Liniile de produse ale celor doua companii sunt complementare, prin aceasta strategie se doreste extinderea si consolidarea pozitiilor detinute in piata.

Jacques Mahul, Founder and Chairman Focal & Co commented: “For future success the key point is that there is no future for a speaker or electronic company alone. Partnership and collaboration are the way forward both in terms of investment and R&D. Working together means you can go more quickly and successfully whilst remaining true to the respective brands

Paul Stephenson, managing director of Naim Audio, says: „It is a merger of European minds. In Focal, we have found a partner which shares our passion for music and will help us take Naim to the next level.We can achieve far more together than would have been possible alone, yet at the same time we are able to retain everything that is unique about Naim and everything that our customers love us for.We have some incredible developments in the pipeline and this alliance will help us get those to market as quickly as possible.”


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